About us

Coordinator – 1) management of the project, 2) cooperation with universities and private entities

Tutor and supervisor – 1) tutor, 2) management of the finances, 3) correlation with syllabus

  1. Leader of the 3-SAT team, social media, physicist (engineering group)

  2. Coordinator of the engineering team, technical record of the project

  3. Coordinator of the astrobiological group

  4. Coordinator of the historical module, technical records of the stratospheric trials, analysis of the collected data and statistics

  5. Coordinator of the “Light” mission, programmer (engineering group)

  6. Programmer (engineering group)

  7. Press officer, promotion of the project, finances, physicist (engineering group)

  8. Press officer, promotion of the project, finances

  9. Keeping records of the project, social media, website, meeting minutes

  10. , 11) , 12) Astrobiological experiment